Over the years many people have acknowledged the fact that as the technology advances, a lot of sacrifices had to be made. That includes having to prepare a healthy meal while living in a super fast-paced way of life. In short, an impossible quest to prepare a quality healthy food. This problem had become the fuel to look for ways to eat healthy without the worry of being left out from the modern times. This is were the Mediterranean food plays a dominant role in today’s quest for fast, easy, and healthy food. Contrary to common belief that Mediterranean food is traditional, somewhat ancient, this culinary trend is a product of many cultural, both traditional and modern culinary practices. Farmhouse SA is doing exactly that. Combines the traditional ingredients with the modern trends and produces olives and antipasti in many exceptional recipes.

Our company works uder HACCP, ISO, BRC & IFS Certificates



Our Philosophy

“Quality, quality, quality
From the farm…to your house
Best quality ingredients with strict production policies for exceptional products
Inspected and audited continuously by the best
Produce in private for major Retail and Foodservice customers.”


Traditional Greek Olives

Kalamata olives, Green Chalktdiki olives, Black Amfissa olives, Green cracked olives, Blond olives,
Green olives stuffed with almonds garlic, red pepper, paprika paste, lemon, sun dried tomatoes,
Antipasto mix, Country olive mix, Oxidized Olives

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Vegetables Stuffed

Green & red hot peppers stuffed with cheese, Red florinis peppers stuffed with cheese, Peppas stuffed with cheese,
Green olives stuffed with cheese, Green olives stuffed with blue cheese, Green olives stuffed with tzatziki, Mushrooms stuffed with cheese,
Artichokes stuffed with cheese , Green & red macedonian peppers stuffed with cheese, Green olives stuffed with chili cheese,
Peppas stuffed with tuna, Sun dried tomatoes stuffed with cheese or with feta cubes

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Kalamata olives spread, Black olives spread, Green olives with caper spread, Herbs paste, Paprika cheese spread, Tzatziki,
Humus,Grilled eggplant spread, Sun dried tomatoes spread, Mediterannean spread, Sardines spread, Diavolo spread, Peppas spread,
Mustards spreads, Grilled red paprika spread, Feta cheese spread, Tomatoes, onions spread,Veggie spread

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Delicious Salads, Greek Olive salads, Vegetables

Olive salads, olives with cheese and vegetables salads, Greek salad, Tuscan salad,
Mexican salads and tapenades, capers, feta cubes, sun dried tomatoes (spicy also)
and many other recipes.

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Antipasto – Ready to eat platters

5 Compartments platters – you can build your own
3 Compartments platters – you can build your own

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Grilled Antipasti

Grilled eggplants, Grilled zucchini, Grilled peppers, Grilled mushrooms, Grilled artichokes,
Grilled vegetables mix and many other recipes.

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Build your own recipe

You have the possibility to suggest and build your own recipe
and we will produce it for you in private for retail and foodservice.

Build your own

The ideal quality of our products must be devivered to the customer in the way we need it, in that way we provide different ways of packaging. We also provide delicious smart mixes of our products and multitrays of selected items.

A great variety of packaging is offered for RETAIL, like Plastic Trays, Glass Jars, Tins, Stand up pouches,
or CATERING-INDUSTRIAL, like Buckets, Tins-Barrels, Vacuum bags

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Greek Olive Glass Jars
FARMHOUSE Greek Antipasti
FARMHOUSE Greek Antipasti
Bag Greek Green Olives
Bag Greek Green Olives